So Mouf Peace recently wrote a blog piece about being Miss. Understood. And it got me thinking, how all of the things she said were very true. Of coarse of all people I should not be one giving relationship advice or anything of the sort, I’m going to just put her post in here, hope she doesn’t mind!

I may ask for alone time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want u in my life.
I may want to have girl days, but u’d be the only man I spend my nights with.
I may deny ur help sometimes, but I am still more than grateful that u offered.
I may not be afraid to speak my mind, but I won’t be afraid to tell you I love you either.
And I may not need u in my life, but what matters is I want u to be.”

This was in regards to women being independent, and not needing anyone to support her. But in reality, how Abigail said everything, was the pure truth for me personally. Why would I choose not to have someone to be there for me, someone I can lean on and rely on? Yes I am putting myself in the most vulnerable state of soul and mind, but in the end, if I wasn’t ready for that, why would I even do it in the first place?All of this may sound like pure selfishness, wanting the man to do everything for me, or sound like something I want for pure convenience, but that is far from the truth.

A woman should always do what she wants done to her for her man. When a man puts himself in to a relationship, he should be willing to open himself up to his girl, and let her be there for him. So that is what he is allowing us to do, letting us in. So we should take advantage of that. Make him feel special, needed, wanted, and that it has to be him, and we don’t want it to be someone else.

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