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I love going to shows. But things that I really love about shows are that you go to see a particular artist as your main focus right? And then some time later, you see a familiar name coming up in blogs and on the radio. Then it turns out to be that they had been part of a music festival or an opening act for another band that you had seen. I love when this happens. Well it has only happened to me three so far, but still…. anyways.

One year I had gone to one of USC’s events, and before the main act came on, which I don’t remember who it is anymore, Katy Perry performed!

Then last year I went to a club called Tiger Heat and saw Lady Gaga perform. Look how big she is now!

Then last year I went to this thing called International Secret Agents, a show put on my Far East Movement and the guys from Wong Fu Productions. Anyways, there was an artist in which I didn’t recognize the name then, but now I know exactly who it is, the artist Bruno Mars.

good times 🙂

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