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Fill in the Blank Friday (posted on Monday :P)

1. If I could  medal in an olympic event it would be for volleyball, my favorite sport to watch and play of coarse!

2.  If I was stranded on a deserted island I’d take Sora probably. But then again, I don’t know if I want to take a pet because, how about it leaves me somehow and I never get it back. Then i would be all alone. I would probably rather have something that was never alive in the first place… hmm….

3. Holes  (as mentioned in my first post ever)  are my most irrational fear.

4.  I’d rather be in the blazing hot next to the beach everyday,  than ever live in a place that snows mostly everyday (well you know what i mean).

5.  I am currently irritated that I have to work on the one day i asked for off.

6.  I should really be reading and doing some homework.

7.  One of my favorite things in all the world is singing disney songs at the top of my lungs!

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