I have a very soft image, and for the most part I can fit this image. I am a pretty good person, obedient, hard workings, and have a innocent presence. Those I have been intimate with know that I may not be a good girl all the time, but that is something that I share with those I am comfortable with, and not with everyone. But once in awhile I feel like I like to be like everyone  else, say things I usually don’t say, and do things I usually don’t do. But I feel like right away I get judgment eyes, and that I shouldn’t be doing those things. According to a friend “Dragging my innocent name in the mud”, just because I may have discussed a somewhat sexual conversation, but not even to a serious extent. It gets tiring sometimes, being the person everyone thinks I should be. I am who I am , and if its not who you think I am, then I’m sorry. But know that I can have a good time, that I like to have fun too.

Because of this, I feel like I can be a good friend to others, that I can listen to people’s conversations with an open mind. So that’s my rant 🙂

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